Symptoms of Constipation

While everyone s bowel activity is entirely distinct, an individual will more or less recognize with their own rhythm. Familiarity with this regularity is going to be the finest weapon. If you are being challenged by the following symptoms, it is safe to assume that you are constipated:
1. Feeling a strain or discomfort during bowel movement at least 25% of thetime.
2. A total decline in the rate of defecation, typically as low as justonce or two times a week.
3. Kept in mind insufficient evacuation throughout defecation, a minimum of 25% of thetime.
4. Death of hard stools during defecation, a minimum of 25% of the time.

5. Existence of an inflamed abdomen or bloating that may or might not be experienced with accompanying discomfort.
6. Anorexia nervosa.
7. Consistent headaches
8. Flatulence or build-up of wind.
9. Stomach cramping.
10. Piles, triggered by straining when passing stools along with itchinessand consistent pain.
11. Irritation, usually the outcome of the combination of signs and feelingof overall pain.

12. Diarrhea that is the outcome of constipation, which is caused by theoozing out of liquid as one attempts to pass hard stools.

13. Keep in mind that the mere occurrence of the explained symptoms is not sign enough. A more serious case of constipation will be extended and might be observed for a long as three months.

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