Pregnancy and Constipation

The very first taken place in the very first month. The 2nd one triggered my very first bleeding in the 13th week of pregnancy. I pay excellent attention not to have constipation once again.

Constipation is typical in pregnancy. It is brought on by reduced bowel motility secondary to raised progesterone (regular in pregnancy), which can result in higher absorption of water.

The listed below ideas are from my individual experience:

Often a cup of orange juice or veggie juice is useful too. Limitation the caffeine consumption to less than 300 mg of caffeine– the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee daily. I practically simply prevent them and just consume water, milk, fruit juice and veggie juice.

Consume more fluid food such as soup. Rather of consuming double baked potatoes, I make roasted red pepper, leek, and potato cream soup or potato soup with mushrooms and marjoram. Rather of consuming roasted chicken, I make cream of chicken soup, chicken noodle soup or tortilla soup with shredded chicken.

A vigorous 15-30-minute sluggish walking two times a week assists the bowel motion. Prevent any energetic workout which is not recommended by your professional.

Consume more fruits and veggies daily. Bananas are likewise excellent, however just consume them sometimes.

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