Is Constipation Dangerous?

Your colon (or large intestinal tract) acts as a waste tank. It is the sewage plant of your body. It recycles the things your body can utilize (water, minerals, vitamins, etc.) and stores the rest for disposal. The waste lying in the colon is extremely poisonous. The colon wall is permeable which enables toxins to penetrate back into the body s blood stream. The longer waste beings in the colon, the longer hazardous products leach out of the strengthening stool into the blood. Blood contaminants distribute through the entire body tissues, including all your organs and your brain.

Many health issues can appear due to the fact that of constipation. Constipation influences your physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

If the colon does not work efficiently, the body will try to excrete increased toxic substances through these organs, which puts them under pressure. An example of this is chronic constipation and frequent urinary tract infections.

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