Constipation Causes Difficulty Urinating

Often constipation can lead to the failure to completely clear the bladder when urinating. This too leads to an accumulation of intra-abdominal pressure that can then make it more hard to pass stool– so you get into a nasty feedback loop with these 2 conditions.

Attempt standing above the toilet (lift up the seat) with your legs on either side of the toilet. Flex your knees, lean forward from your hips and rest your palms on your knees, enabling your bottom to stick out and back. This ideas the abdominal area forward and eases the pressure on the bladder.

This disrupts the bladder– anus pressure feedback loop and permits your bladder to unwind and launch its contents. Breathe deeply, unwind and picture urine launching from your bladder, streaming down your urethra and into the toilet.

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