Constipation and Gaining Weight

When the liver is overwhelmed and can t get rid of enough toxicity from the body, the body can store scrap in fat cells. This is sort of an emergency situation back-up strategy to take a compound that is damaging and could ruin the body, and make that substance inert by shoving the harmful stuff into a fat cell. If it is kept in a fat cell, it won t pose any instant hazard. If the body didn t store this junk in fat cells, these toxic substances might upset the delicate balance of the blood stream and we might actually die. In that regard, thank you, fat.

When an individual is constipated and waste is not being eliminated out the back entrance, that sticking around waste can increase the poisonous load the liver has to deal with. As this waste is reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal tract walls, the body begins to state, Hey, I already sent this trash out of here. As a growing number of toxic substances get stored in fat cells, yes, in an ambiguous way, constipation can quickly result in weight gain.

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