Constipation and Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS

Exactly what about the other end of food digestion? What about the bile side of the action? If bile is not flowing well enough to reduce the effects of the acid product originating from the stomach, now there is acid going through the intestines. And why does the stomach make acid? The main task of stomach acid is to assist absorb protein. It’s the hydrochloric acid that breaks down food and allows protein to become available to the body. Think about it; if you do not reduce the effects of that acid, what do you believe it’s going to do to your intestines? Your intestines are constructed of protein, much like your esophagus. How about that? Does any person you know have signs that were identified as IBS, Crohn s, or colitis? Do not you think this could simply be the acid that has been produced in the stomach, that has not been neutralized adequately in the duodenum by the proper amount of alkaline bile? Now this acid product goes through the intestines like “Zingo!” Why? Due to the fact that the acidity of this product is making the intestinal tracts burn and the body is going to react to this level of acidity and march that item right through the individual in a big damn rush. With this understanding, does not it make sense that it comes shooting out the back door in such a rush?

Beyond that, sodium likes to follow chloride. Water likes to follow sodium. So there’s likewise going to be sodium that is attracted to this chloride in the hydrochloric acid (the hydrochloric acid that didn’t get neutralized). Then more water will go to the bowels because chloride from HCL that has not been reduced the effects of will draw the salt with its water into the bowel. It would resemble the kid band One Direction revealing up to your cookout because they desired hot pet dogs. Not only would you have five less hot canines, you would also have a lawn filled with thousands of shrieking little women. The bright side is, the water hurrying to this man’s bowels will help dilute this acid product that is burning the intestinal walls. The bad news is, he simply crapped his pants. This man is going to have diarrhea and he is going to question why, when he rests on the john, it’s like he was shot from rockets. It’s since his body is stating, “Get this acid item that is burning the daytimes from my little intestines out of here!”

Probiotics and gut plants are a hot subject nowadays. Individuals who experience these diarrhea-type problems need help in this arena because that unneutralized acid scorching through their intestinal tracts simply fried their gut plants. The terrain needs to be ideal for gut flora to thrive. As you can picture, the imposing inferno from hell is not the right surface. This is an extremely unclear explanation, but it’s a terrific visualization to assist explain the balance that is needed in order for digestion to function properly. Both ends of the process are essential. It’s clear that trouble emerges when one side or the other isn’t holding up its end of the bargain.

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