Bloating Worsens Constipation

One condition that can trigger your internal anal sphincter muscle to tighten up is a big accumulation of gas (flatulence) in your colon. If you have so much gas that your abdominal area is puffed up, then the pressure from that quantity of gas in the colon triggers the internal anal sphincter muscle to tighten up and close.

In this case, you have to very first eliminate the pressure by getting a few of the gas out, prior to you attempt to have a defecation. The very best method to do this is by lying flat on your bed, doing some colonic massage, then lying flat once again and simply permitting your body to entirely unwind and release. Sleep, or check out a book, however rest totally flat in whatever position is comfy for you (in your corner, your stomach, etc) and enable the gas to come out, as your body is all set to launch it.

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